About Iceberg Glass

Iceberg was founded in 1982 by Douglas Wilson and Julie Snowdon, initially producing a small range of lamp worked glass. We work with borosilicate glass (similar to Pyrex) which is heated over a propane/oxygen flame and then can be shaped, blown or constructed with further pieces from a variety of colours to form our own diverse range of products which we sell both retail and wholesale. These include a mix of jewellery styles, Christmas decorations, thistles in different forms, our new very popular pipettes and as we are based by Loch Ness, our highly stylised Nessies. (Who can say they are not realistic)?

We also buy in a wide range of crafts and gifts both Scottish and imported (largely ethically sourced) which allows us to offer our customers more choice, as well as more frequent product changes.

Our studio is situated in the small village of Fort Augustus, near to where the Caledonian Canal enters the west end of Loch Ness; despite being in the centre of the Highlands, the canal gives the village a seaside appeal, you may see pleasure boats, ocean going boats, trawlers and even the occasional square-rigger held in the locks for your perusal, plus the odd seagull. There are also short walks to the lochside beside the river Oich and past the old Benedictine Abbey.

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