Iceberg glass, lampworked and blown glass, Loch Ness Whisky bottle pipette, iceberg glass E-Nessie, Iceberg Glass Thistle sticks, Iceberg Glass celtic birhtstones, Iceberg Glass

Most serious whisky tasters prefer to add a little water to the dram of their choice; using a pipette for this process allows finer control and thus less likelihood of "drowning" the whisky, than with pouring water from a jug - dip the pipette in a jug of water, close top hole with your thumb, hold the pipette over the whisky glass and release thumb to deliver the water to the whisky.

Glass “knitting” is a technique which shows well in our national emblem the thistle, which is a popular wedding favour or drink stirrer.

Here we show a more local influence i.e. Loch Ness, for the twisted Nessie's we free-form the exuberant spiral tail. Our Nessies are all individual and come in many shapes sizes and colours. Please specify colours when ordering.

Whisky pipettes, Iceberg Glass Twizzle sticks, Iceberg Glass Large colour Nessie, Iceberg Glass Hanging Nessie, Iceberg Glass twist ness Small colour Nessie, Iceberg Glass Nessies, Iceberg Glass

Our ever popular whisky pipettes come in a variety of designs: Traditional Pot Still, Scottish Thistle, Nessie and our new Whisky Bottle design. Pipettes all come boxed with an explanation card. We also make pocket sized 'mini pipettes' for the serious whisky tasting traveller.

Whisky Pipettes

Our Scottish themed products are inspired by our location and the environment around us.

Products are available to order through the email on our contacts page.

Thistle Sticks.

Large 20cm, small 17cm

Twizzle Sticks

17cm long

Jewellery based on the Celtic Ogham symbols, see more on our jewellery page

Celtic Birthstones

Mini Nessies - approx 4cm

Small Twist Nessie - approx 5cm

Small Colour Nessie

approx. 5cm long

Large Colour Nessie

approx. 7cm long.

Finned Nessie

approx. 8cm long


approx. 12cm high

Hanging Finned Nessie

approx. 8cm long

All our Nessies come in variety of colours, ranging through shades of blues and green, coppers and marbled 'multi' shades, red and 'Loch Ness' black. Please specify colour or enquire when ordering.

Finned Nessie, Iceberg Glass