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Whisky Pipettes
Most serious whisky tasters prefer to add a little water to the dram of their choice; using a pipette for this process allows finer control and thus less likelihood of "drowning" the whisky, than with pouring water from a jug - dip the pipette in a jug of water, close top hole with your thumb, hold the pipette over the whisky glass and release thumb to deliver the water to the whisky.


Hanging thistle

Thistle sticks
Small and large

Glass “knitting” (above) is a technique which shows well in our national emblem the thistle, which is a popular wedding favour either  as a drink stirrer or a hanging decoration. 

We show here a more local influence i.e. Loch Ness, for the twisted Nessie's we free-form the exuberant spiral tail. This technique (and the Nessie jewellery) is so far only used on Loch Ness products, no other animal displaying those peculiarities. We also do tartan glass, however, so far it has not been commercially successful.


Hanging Nessie

Twisted Nessie
3 sizes available

Nessie earrings / pendants



Birth stones