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Iceberg Glass Christmas decorations are mainly made with clear glass, picking up highlights from the coloured lights. Ideal for decorating all year round!

Product are available to order through the email on our contacts page.

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Cones and snowballs are one of our most popular tree decorations. They are available individually or in bags of six small or three large cones.

Hanging Twists

Dimple spike

Treble Clef


Hanging Nessies

icicles, iceberg glass

Glass icicles, twists of clear glass, are ideal for trees. Approx. 7cm. Availble individually or in packs of six.

Hanging twist, dimple spikes and treble clefs make beautiful hanging decorations all year round

Our stylised hanging Nessies make a fun addition to a tree or can hang in any window all year round. E- Nessies (elegant nessies) are approximately 12cm high, large hanging Nessies are around 7-8cm long. They both come in a range of colours including dark blue, cobalt, ice blue and a variety of marbled greens. Please specify or enqiure about colours when ordering.

Cones and snowballs

Small approx 4cm

Large approx 7cm