At Iceberg Glass we craft a variety of ornaments and Scottish themed products such as Scottish thistles and the ornament and including of course, due to our location on Loch Ness, a wide variety of stylised glass glass Loch Ness Monsters in a wide range of shapes and colours.

All our items come boxed and are available to order, contact us by email, phone or through Etsy. 

glass thistle purple

Purple hanging thistle

Hanging Scottish thistle

Hanging thistle, flower of Scotland.

Hanging Scottish thistle

Hanging thistle decoration in pink.

Scottish hanging thistles

Thistles in pink or purple

Thistle sticks

Thistle drinks stirrer

Glass flowers

Glass bluebells and snowdrops

Curling Stones

Glass curling stones


birthstones N3.jpeg

Celtic Birthstones

birthstones N1.jpeg

From the ancient Ogham language of tree symbols.


Nessie Jewellery


All our Nessies come in variety of colours, ranging through shades of blues and green, coppers and marbled 'multi' shades, red and 'Loch Ness' black. Please specify colour or enquire when ordering.

Small Colour glass Nessie

Small colour glass Nessie. Approx 5cm long

Mini glass Nessies

Mini glass Nessies in various colours. Approx 4cm long

Small Twist Nessie

Twist glass Nessie in red

Small Twist Nessies

Twist Nessies in blue and seaweed green. Approx 5cm high.

Hanging Finned Nessies

Hanging Finned Nessies, approx 8cm long.

Coloured hanging glass Nessie

Glass hanging Nessie in seaweed green. Approx 8cm long.

Hanging E-Nessie

Hanging E-Nessie in tree

Large Colour glass Nessie

Large colour glass Nessie in Loch Ness colour glass. Approx 7cm long

Finned glass nessies

Finned Nessies in Blue and dark 'multi' colour

Glass Nessies

Selection of our glass Nessies

Hanging glass E-Nessie

Hanging glass E-Nessies. Light cobalt blue, Ice blue and green multi colour.

Large Twist Nessie

Large twist glass Nessie. Approx 20cm high

Finned Glass Nessies

Finned glass Nessies in blue and green. Approx 8cm long.

As all our products are handmade and unique their may be some colour and size difference between different pieces. Contact us for more information via telephone or email below. Many of our products are available through our Etsy shop. See the links at top or bottom of page.