Iceberg Glass Christmas decorations are mainly made with clear glass, picking up highlights from any lighting or sunshine. Ideal for decorating all year round!

All our products are available to order through the email on our contacts page or by contacting our shop on Etsy.

Christmas Cone Decoration

Small cones, (approximately 4cm long). Sold in sets of 6


Cones and snowballs are available individually or in bags of three large or six small.

Large Christmas Cones

Large Christmas Cones and Snowballs (approximately 9cm long). Sold in sets of 3

Christmas Cone Decoration

Large red Christmas Cone

Cones and snowballs, purple and clear

Knitted glass cones and snowballs, painted with glass vitrail and clear glass. With silver thread


Icicles, large and small. (Lg approximately 12cm long, Sm approx 6cm long). Available individually or in packs of six.


Icicles (approx 7cm)

Coloured Icicles

Coloured glass icicles, set of 6 with silver thread. Perfect tree decorations

globe chris 4
treble clef chrisc2
xmas twist chris
dimple spike chris
dimple spike

Dimple spike

Stripey ball

Stripey Christmas Bauble decoration with swirls of coloured glass.

Hanging baubles

Hanging baubles, various sizes/colours. Sold in sets of 3

All of our Christmas decorations are hand crafted with borosilicate glass. Some variation of size and shape may occur. Many of products are available through our Etsy shop, see the link at top of page or below, or contact us via telephone or email.